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Grades / Classes of RMC

  • ACP Concrete Ltd has made the necessary investments to build capacity to be able to produce RMC at various strength grades/classes for different construction purposes. These are designed in accordance with local and international standards.
  • Our very experienced laboratory technicians and engineers are able to design RMC to suit any grade of concrete for special projects per concrete users’ specification.
  • Our design and fabrication capabilities include a full-line of precast products, consisting of utility and infrastructure products, environmental products.
  • ACP is known for its quality granite stone, construction aggregates.
  • Prodution of reliable, garden kerbs, pavement, hollow blocks.
Our processes for concrete production


Client orders RMC with specified strength class/grade (our engineers are available to advise on appropriate strength, depending on the use and/or project).

Group 756


A production Officers and/or transit truck driver visit project site with client’s agent. The purpose of this step is to determine the distance and the best delivery route from our RMC plant to client’s project site.



Laboratory preparation of mixture, using ratios of admixture and other materials, to meet client’s strength class/grade requirement.


Delivery of RMC to client’s project site.

Our competitive advantage

Apart from ACP friendly pricing regime and flexible payment terms, we also among others:

· Provide innovative services to our clients, such as using bonding and water proofing agents to deal with difficult and waterlogged surfaces;
· Deliver our RMC timeously to clients’ sites as pre-agreed;
· Offer free structural engineering advice to project managers and contractors;
· Customize concrete mixes/grades for peculiar projects.
· Our fixed and mobile concrete batching plants enable us deliver RMC to all sites, far and near.

Health , safety and sustainability

ACP is committed to creating a more sustainable future for all of us. We do this by employing the best technical expertise in developing healthy, prosperous environments that improve people’s lives and contribute positively towards the environment as well.


At the core of our Atlantic Concrete Products envisions delivering more Sustainable Infrastructures across through Social and Environmental Sustainability. Is fully committed to preventing environmental and social harm as well as investing more in natural systems and renewable resources that would have a positive impact on communities we operate on. 

Our Environmental Sustainability activities will focus extensively on reducing the impact ACP has on the environment in the various communities we operate in by  :

Choosing the right materials
Recycling where possible
Reducing Waste
Creating value for recycled material

Health & Safety

ACP reinforces its commitment to each and every person who joins our team by implementing measures that ensure a healthy and safe environment for our workforce. We seek to create a resilient, purpose driven business by ensuring we are safe guarding our environment within the communities we operate in as well as our workforce.

Our emphasis is to safeguard and protect our workforce by preventing and minimizing the likelihood of risks throughout the implementation of safe processes and the provision of correct equipment and materials.

Our health & safety policy is to prevent accidents on site and cases of work related ill health. We most certainly provide our employees with excellent quality of the Personal Protective Equipment that ensure safe handling and use of substances on site.

We provide clear instructions via daily toolbox meetings and information through adequate training to ensure our employees are competent to do their work. We have implemented emergency procedures by ensuring several evacuation spots in cases of fire or other significant cases.


At Atlantic Concrete Products, Our expertise, professionalism, and exceptional craftsmanship will exceed your expectations. We deliver our projects on time and within budget. Thank you for a trusting us!

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